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Chemdawg Shatter vs Wax is made utilizing only the finest of Chemdawg cannabis grown in Canada. Chemdawg is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is said to have originated with the Grateful Dead. This cannabis strain is importantly very distinct from many others. It also provides consistent and effective relief from depression, anxiety, and stress among other ailments. The taste and experience of consuming Chemdawg whether it be within a bud or concentrate form are unlike what you will receive from any other strain of cannabis. Chemdawg Shatter vs Wax can be dabbed through a dab rig or concentrate pen. It can also be placed on the inside or outside of a joint. Furthermore, it can also be placed on top of a bowl with some of your favorite herbs.

Best for anxiety and pain, this strain is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS. Dry mouth and dry eyes are possible when using this Chemdawg shatter vs wax, while other side effects are less likely. Chemdawg is most popular on the West Coast, in Nevada, and in Colorado. Browse through our shop to see the various top-quality concentrates we have installed for you.


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